VDO compatible three gears kit 12+12x48+E3

The ONLY way to determine the correct teeth number of the E3 gear is to remove it and count the teeth on your old gear. The outside of the gear will have 48 teeth. Remove and count the smaller underside of the gear.

"E3" gear teeth count

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E1 gear is always a 12 tooth drive gear, E2 is always the second gear 48x12 with flat back, E3 gear has 48 teeth on the outside and then between 12 and 21 teeth on the underside gear, original gear is amber in color. (Must count teeth on original gear before ordering). If you cannot count the teeth on the main gear then count the teeth of the next gear that it meshes with, use below reference:


- teeth  of matching gear 39 -> E3 gear 48x21
- teeth  of matching gear 41 -> E3 gear 48x19
- teeth  of matching gear 42 -> E3 gear 48x18
- teeth  of matching gear 43 -> E3 gear 48x17
- teeth  of matching gear 44 -> E3 gear 48x16
- teeth  of matching gear 46 -> E3 gear 48x14
- teeth  of matching gear 47 -> E3 gear 48x13
- teeth  of matching gear 48 -> E3 gear 48x12      



All our kit are compatible and not OEM, we design and manufacture all our kits, with the best automotive quality.

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